Geschichte des Vereins

We (Stock City Cubs) are a baseball club with around 50 members founded by a couple of friends as one of the first clubs in Austria in Stockerau in 1991.

first friendly game (Stock City Cubs vs. Schwechat Blue Bats); foundation of the „1. Stockerauer Base- und Softballverein“.
first participitation in an official league („Regionalliga Ost“); advancing to the second „Bundesliga Ost“
Cubs win championship title of the second “Bundesliga Ost”; beginning of the construction of “Cubs Field”
completion of the “Cubs Field; official opening of the baseball field with 2.500 spectators, four Hall-of-Fame legends of the New York Yankees and TV coverage
hosting of the junior European Championship with about 4.000 spectators
first American coach (Bob Windows); 2nd BL East training camp in Texas
coach Billy Piela (USA); first youth team; training camp in New Jersey
coach Steve Gritts (USA); hosting of B-Pool EM with around 7.500 spectators; training camp in Miami (Fort Lauderdale) with the Montreal Expos
coach Martin Langlois (Canada); Cubs and Ragdolls (softball) are promoted to the first national league; three young talented teams (students, adolescence and juniors) of the Cubs compete in the championship
Cubs and Ragdolls play in the highest Austrian league
Cubs 2 win the championship of the Regionalliga Ost
Cubs become runner-up of the „Baseball Bundesliga“ (BBL); call-up of numerous young talents for national teams
Cubs win the BBL and are again promoted to the first national league ABL
solid perfomance in the highest league; participitation of many Cubs players in the national team; Martin Langlois leaves the Cubs to become national team coach; his successor will be Brett Cumiskey (USA) in the 2006 season; then Jim Malec (USA)
relegation of the Cubs to the BBL after a disappointing year
after a fantastic BBL season (import player Reed H. Brown (USA)) Cubs are promoted to the ABL again; Robert Buchelt (former Vienna Bucks) becomes coach of the Stock City Cubs
U15 become runner-up at the Austrian championships and second junior league 
U15 win the Austrian championship
U10 reach the semi-finals of the children’s league
six Cubs players compete in the men’s B-Pool EM in Vienna as national players; Cubs 2 wins the championship of the „Landesliga Ost“ and are promoted to the „Regionalliga Ost“
1st School Cup in Stockerau; for the first time in their club history the Cubs compete in the ABL Championships Playoff for the title of the national champion and are defeated by the later national champion; U15 wins the junior league title
four Cubs players in the men’s national team to become B-Pool vice-European champion; a Cubs youth player becomes MVP at the Junior EM in the Czech Republic; 2nd School Cup in Stockerau; U10 Cubbies/Lions team win the children’s championship title
3rd School Cup in Stockerau
4th School Cup in Stockerau
8th place in the BLA; 5th School Cup in Stockerau
voluntary relegation to the 2nd national league in order to focus on the sustainable formation of young talents; foundation of the section „American Sports“ and cooperation with Martin Langlois to maintain the children with “English and Sports”; three Cubs and one former Cubs player were in the starting line-up of the first win of an A-Pool European Championship game; 6th School Cup in Stockerau  
Cubs win 2. BLO, the second highest league in Austria
Cubs I defend the title of champions of the 2. BLO, the second highest league in Austria; Wolfgang Talir resigns as president after 15 years in office; election of a new board consisting of 7 members